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The prices in this guide are effective from 1 March 2015. If you've already 'saved the day' with a £40.00 deposit (even if you haven't finalised your wedding flower requirements yet), which has been received by us by 28 February 2015, then the prices as advertised in our p...
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Should I get her something? Will he buy me something? He only bought you what???

So Valentine's Day approaches and the stores will be stocking all manner of gifts. Their marketing will be aimed at encouraging or shaming you into making purchases for your loved ones, or those you are 'stepping out' with, or indeed those you quite like the look of. Amongst...
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DIY Wedding Flowers?

January 30, 2015
DIY wedding flowers? Seems a good idea as a way to save money on that so expensive big day. But before you decide that's the route for you, I'd like to share some advice for you from the talented and articulate Kim Mills of The Pollen Mill about what you need to know first...
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The Colour Thesaurus

October 21, 2014
I LOVE Pinterest, even if it can consume hours of my time.  I am always finding inspiration both for floral design and other creative pursuits.  If you use it you'll also know that it feeds you with things it thinks you'd like to see, if you've not used it it's a b...
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This information can be viewed on the Funeral Flowers Page of our website too, but if you want to simply get an idea of our prices for particular types of design, then the following download provides a price guide....
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It is generally accepted that as individuals and families we create 'new traditions' as we mature, things we like to do, year after year, that mean a great deal to us. For me, the first event of the year, eagerly anticipated, is the March visit to the Caerhayes Estate in C...
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