The Colour Thesaurus

I LOVE Pinterest, even if it can consume hours of my time.  I am always finding inspiration both for floral design and other creative pursuits.  If you use it you'll also know that it feeds you with things it thinks you'd like to see, if you've not used it it's a bit like Amazon with their 'people who buy this have also bought this', except the majority of pins are just people sharing ideas.  Which is how I came across the Color Thesaurus by Ingrid Sundberg.  Ingrid has put together a wonderful array of colours with names.  The benefit of this for me is that it can ease communication of colours between a potential customer and myself to ensure we're both talking about the same colour.  One person's (or indeed manufacturer's) version of a plum coloured bridemaid's dress can be quite different to someone elses version.  So having a chart to help that communication a little is wonderful.  So here we go, the color thesaurus....thank you Ingrid!


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