Valentine's Day: He loves me, he loves me not?

Should I get her something? Will he buy me something? He only bought you what???

So Valentine's Day approaches and the stores will be stocking all manner of gifts. Their marketing will be aimed at encouraging or shaming you into making purchases for your loved ones, or those you are 'stepping out' with, or indeed those you quite like the look of. Amongst all those gifts will of course be flowers.Perhaps you're the one who'll be receiving one of these gifts and perhaps others will be passing their opinion on the intrinsic value of that gift, which may lead you to question it too.

"They said my flowers are naff and that you're a cheapskate!"

I often contribute to a florists on-line forum and from time to time a flower may be declared undesirable by a particular florist. Sometimes the reasons for this are personal to them, perhaps where the flowers come from or how they have been grown, or perhaps for their general popularity and where they can be bought. These discussions rather sadden me. Not because I don't care that we should be striving for a cleaner, more eco-friendly world but because more important than buying flowers per se are the unspoken feelings behind the flowers, whatever they are. So I wrote a personal piece on the forum and was surprised and cheered by the response from some of the florists, which I've reproduced below (the last line tweaked for the non-florist community). So I hope that if you are given a Valentine's gift you'll see the true emotions behind it and ignore what others say.

Unspoken sentiments - the most important aspect of your Valentine's gift?

We all know the phrase 'It's the thought that counts' and for me it truly is - it could be the biggest bouquet in the world, or the smallest, it could have been hand-tended by local fairies and only have had holy water up its' stems or have been shipped from Mars in a giant piece of Oasis - it's beauty and whether I'll remember it - is all to do with who sent it, my link with them and the emotion they invested in it.

The first flowers I was ever given were from my mother when I was around 5 years old - a bunch of Freesia from the greengrocers, bright, scented and a special gift - something I always associate with her - and it evokes love. The second was a bunch of Carnations and Gypsophila for Valentine's day in 1982, the first flowers I had received as an adult and the assorted colours were wonderful. I still have the gyp pressed in a book amongst photos of the man who was to be my lifelong partner. In the following years, with greater affluence, I had bouquets bought from florists. But I can honestly say that they didn't have any more emotional punch or value to me than those carnations chosen by him because he really loved them and wanted me to have them. So lets be grateful that people want to give us flowers, whatever their choices, whatever their budget, whatever their reasons – because it is the thoughts behind them, not the price, not the flower, not where they bought them, nor the colour, that truly expresses their love.

The subversive florist
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